Non-mesh slow speed plastic recycling units with 25-30rpm which specially designed with teeth cutters for crushing PC, Nylon and  ABS.

Low Speed, high torque, low noise, less powder pollution, easy operation, even granulations, long service life. 


ZGM Series Middle Speed  Granulators

Middle Speed Granulators are mainly used for crushing regrind materials such as sprues, as well as general purpose materials. 

Low powder pollution, low noise, low wear to the blade. Both rotor blades and fixed blades are made of durable SKD-11 material.

ZGP Series Powerful Granulators

Specially designed for crushing various rigid plastics to recycle with

high-efficiency. Superior cutter  design has  3 types. 

Three types of blade are available (1) Flake (2) Flat and (3) Claw. Suitable for Hard and thick products

TGP Series Powerful  Sound –  Proof Granulators

Double sound isolation for low noise level, optimal structure for easy operation and maintenance. fully hermetic sound-proof design provides excellent working noise level below 85db under the condition which measures it within one  meter away from the machines