Typical hopper Dryer

Hopper Dryers are mainly applied to plastic material drying. Hot air is used to dry all wet materials which gain an even hot air flow to improve drying efficiency for assuring quality of products. Hopper capacities rang from 6kgs -400kgs can be offered for selection. Exhaust air fitter (option) can filter the dust-contain air effectively from discharging to the surrounding area. Hot air recyclers (option) to make hot air form a semi­ closed circulated loop to speed up hot air circulation for shorten heating time to achieve energy saving up to 30%.

Stainless Steel Hopper

Stainless and polished one-unit design ensures material free from  contamination.It adapts “Hot Air Down-Blowing” and” Cyclonic  Air  Exhausting” principle to ensure uniform dry efficiency. All these models are particularly for optics.