ZVM Series Vertical Mixers

Vertical color mixers are equipped with vertical paddles from vortex to mix material fast and homogenous within short time, low power consumption, high efficiency. Vertical structure with castor wheels for easy moving, small footprint. To adapt imported vertical type of speed reduce motor features with low noise and durable in use.

ZGB Series Gravimetric Blenders

Gravimetric blenders are extensively configured to handle two of up to six different components by dosing and blending in total throughput from 20kgs/hr to 1000kgs/hr; generally including virgin, regrind materials, masterbatch and other various additives. The series adapts precision load cells to make batch blend resulting in a highly accuracy within +/- 0.3%. Full wide range of this series can satisfy versatile requirements on high precision blending.

TRM Series Rotary Mixer

Rotatable angle up to 360°,for easy operation with loading & unloading materials at arbitrary direction and the material in the barrel can  be round stirred like swirl to be mixed equably within short time

TMT Mix Tank

A variety of materials volumetric dose simultaneously.

Special  material tube, don’t  need mixing device. Dose  test simply, less than  10min to  complete test.

·Step-motor precisely control speed,  the commercial mix precision  +1%.

Easily clean,  less than 10min to clean without special  tools.

Operate with Touch  screen, can save a variety of recipe.

Automatic feeding can be realized with auto-loader and suction hopper.

Using digital alarm history records.It can be placed  on the floor with auto-loader, suction hopper  and frame

TMA Volumetric Type Blender

Storage of two materials, also has volumetric dosing function (use most occasion for virgin and regrind)

SUS304 screw, fixed speed for virgin, adjustable speed  for regrind

Regrind ration range to virgin: 5% -70%

Ratio precision +/-2%

Easy operation, digital speed – meter for adjusting regrind directly