• Four-wheel vertical design, small size and easy to move.
  • Adopted rubber sealing strip, special slot fixing design.
  • Equipped with cycloidal pinwheel reducer motor, low noise and durable.
  • Fast complete mixing, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
  • Barrel cover and bottom parts are compress formed, precisely matched and durable.
  • Mixing time able to be set within 0-30 minutes.
  • All raw materials contact parts are made of stainless steel to ensure not to be polluted.
  • Equipped with vertical screw, materials are being evenly stirring.
  • Comprised of easy-disassembly parts(Top Cover, Reducer motor, Screw and Electrical Control Box), easy for cleaning. • With auto stop device, stopping time able to be set within 0-30 minutes.
  • With main power switch and safety chain protection device to ensure the safety of operator and machine.
  • Adopted with height-adjustable expansion bracket and nonslip caster wheels.
  • Optional for material outlet with pneumatic valve baffle.
  • Optional for installing the suction tube on both sides of the storage tank for easy conveying.
  • SUS barrel part ensures no contamination on raw materials.
  • Storage barrel divided as Silo 1 and Silo 2.
  • Each hopper could be mounted with vacuum receiver or self-contained loaders.
  • Equipped with two sets of volumetric screw dosing device for accuracy of material providing. • Low noise, high accuracy and high stability.
  • Stainless steel screws to ensure raw materials not to be polluted.
  • Default with suction box for connection with auto loader.
  • Default with level sensor, buzzer and lamp alarm for material shortage alerting.
  • Optional for mixing function.
  • Modular and detachable structure design to save space and for easy-cleaning.
  • PLC touch screen controller with higher and more stable control accuracy.
  • Advanced control algorithm, self-optimization, auto adjustment compensation and vibration prevention to ensure the best batching accuracy.
  • The standard model can handle 4 components. Models with more than 6 components can be customized. • Color graphic display, touch screen operation, multiple languages for selection.
  • With formula saving function for more than 100 formulas.
  • Classified security password control and alarm history.
  • USB2.0 interface for saving recipe data to flash disk, facilitate the quality management.
  • With sound and light alarm, the operator can quickly reach the faulty site.
  • All raw materials contact parts are made of stainless steel to ensure not to be polluted.
  • Optional for machine mounted or stand frame installation(including pneumatic discharge valve).
  • Helical circular mixture, fast and evenly stirring.
  • Suitable for mixing masterbatch with all kinds of plastic raw materials and even better with new and grinded materials.
  • Fully stainless-steel contacting parts, rust free and easy to clean. • Equipped with power control device to ensure safety.
  • With heating and drying function for option: double layer thermal insulation Euro heating hopper design to reduce heat loss. With low surface temperature, equipped with over-temperature trip protection function, energy-saving and safe. Medium-pressure blower with large air volume.