The IS580 series servo drive is developed for high-performance vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). Using the high-performance vector control technology, it optimizes the process control of injection molding machine, including the  control on injection speed and pressure holding precision as well as the  stability control upon working with the  injection molding machine controller. Additionally, it provides monitoring software and communication buses and supports multiple encoder types, realizing flexible function combinations and stable performance.

The IS580 is mainly applied to industries such as plastic molding, pipe extrusion, shoes making, rubber production, and metal die casting.


The ES810 series servo drive (multidrive system) is a common DC bus drive system consisting of a power supply unit  and multiple drive units.

It optimizes the  process control of pure electric injection molding machine, such as the  control on

injection speed and pressure holding precision. By working with small-to-medium inertia high- response servo motor (ESMQ/ESMG/ESMH series), the ES810 can implement rapid and accurate position control, speed control, and torque control.

Pure Electric Motor

Low inertia, 3.5 times overload torque, and large peak torque.

Advanced electromagnetic design platform with performance simulation software, guaranteeing high reliability of the  motor.

Low noise and excellent anti-demagnetization capability

Air cooling structure and widened air  lter, reducing turbulence and achieving a low temperature rise of the  servo drive

Encoder of unique anti-vibration structure, with an anti-vibration level of 5 g and IP rating of IP54