Our machines are used to produce a wide range of different products in different markets.


We have been a competent partner for automobile industries, known for high precision, sophisticated components, high-strength parts,light-weight composites, smart interior, and exterior surfaces.


We have accumulated a wealth of experience in a vast array of technical molding across pallets, fruit containers, and irrigation products.

Food & Packaging.

Higher standards are increasingly required for food and packaging industry in terms of thinner wall, precision, cost-efficient, and perfectly designed articles which are fit for logistics.

Caps & closures, containers, and cutlery.


Plastics are often the versatile choice when it comes to Construction.

We understand the construction industry needs durable, low weight, high flexibility, and weather-resistant components. Construction components, drain pipe parts.


Our injection molding machines are compatible with clean rooms and sterile products.

Syringes, Petri dishes, thermometer, test containers.

WELLTEC  Injection Molding Machines

Se III series (60-2200 ton)

T series

(90-650 ton)

PVC/PVC- SEII Series (90-1800 ton)

PET Special series (160-660 ton)

JSEII Small & medium-sized two-platen series
(450-900 ton)

Two-shots-L IMM series

JSEII Ultra Large-sized tow-platen series
(1000-4000 ton)

SEC Series Servo Energy Saving Thin-wall High Speed Special IMM


Extrusion Line

Rubber Injection Molding Machine

N99 Meltblown Fabric production Machine

Hydraulic Press