N99 Meltblown Fabric production Machine

A good machine is never too late!

Make small and medium machines with mainframe standards

Good machine + good debugging process + good raw material = good meltblown fabric

70% of the quality of the meltblown fabric depends on the machine

The medium-sized machine is built according to the standard of mainframe, and the production process of the medium sized machine is easy to master. The “DKM” 800mm meltbowln fabric machine with become your reliable choice


Customized automatic control operation is simple and easy to learn

German standard design concept has high operational stability and performance

Professional comprehensive after-sales service is convenient for maintenance

Product performance

The particle filtration rate is as high as PFE99+, the oily particle filtration rate is FFP2, FFP3

Strong electrostatic adsorption and good air permeability

Comply with international environmental protection standards