Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Energy saving, low operating cost.

The output of servo system is completely based on the required pressure and flow of machine, eliminating the reactive energy, only 50% electricity consumption as comporting with equal proportional pressure and proportional flow control method.

High repeatability

Adopting high precision pressure sensor, servo motor, high precision encoder during operation, the pressure and flow are real time comparison, control error is controlled by specific PID controller

Swift dynamic response 

High performance pump and synchro servo motor, fast response, short deceleration distance, high speed and stability

Instant power consumption management system; equipped with electronic wattmeter, instant power consumption data with be processed by B&R S98 controller for machine performance and production analysis

Low noise

Creating a quiet environment for you even in the condition of high pressure clamping and injection

Less cooling water

Unnecessary to connect cooling water for oil tank due to the less heating from hydraulic system, that is benefited from the elimination of the reactive energy consumption, the temperature of oil tank is lower than 55ºC under the condition of continuous running

Safety & reliability

CE certificate upon all range of DKM-R series rubber injection machine